Dazzling Diva Designs, Inc. is pleased to announce an honorable collaboration with My Sugar Baby from Atlanta, Georgia. We had the honor of designing the chunky necklaces and hair accessories for their line. My Sugar Baby offers quality children’s clothes handmade here in the USA. Made with passion, love and close attention to detail you are sure to fall in love! With new styles and fabric arriving almost monthly you will always be in style. We absolutely adore the designer’s sense of fashion and versatility. Her designs should definitely be a staple in every little diva’s closet. Photography credit goes solely goes to Carola Photography in Atlanta, Georgia. She did an amazing job at capturing both of our designs. Thank you so much Carola! Also, thank you Felicia for choosing DDD. We are truly honored.
DDD has also collaborated with well known, talented photographers. Such as: Vanessa Brown Photography, Sweet Life Portrait Studios, Beata Chipman Photography and more.


Sweet Life Portrait Studio, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Whitney Billings, owner of Sweet Life Portrait Studio, originally majored in Anthropology. How did she end up a photographer, you ask? In her perspective, photography is very much anthropology. It is the study of human beings.
She loves capturing the raw emotion of people. We all love digging through old boxes of photos of our parents, grandparents and ever great grandparents. It is interesting to realize how much you resemble one of your distant relatives or what you had in common, which is what she loves about photography. Not just the moment, but the generations to come. Knowing that in 17 years that newborn photo will be featured in this kid’s senior yearbook or someone’s wedding. Either way, it all goes back to her love for people.

Dazzling Diva Designs has the privilege of collaborating with Whitney on numerous projects, with the last project: an Alice in Wonderland themed fashion show. Whitney captures our vision of our designs and showcases our creations on a creative, fresh level.

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