The Birth of Dazzling Diva…

Welcome Divas! This is my first blog. I love to write and my blog is another way to connect with you. Who knew my dream would be born from a little idea or solving a fashion problem? I’ve always adored fashion. My mother used to make my clothes to save money. She is a very classy lady and always told me I should look my best both inside and outside the house. I remember my church dresses the most. I was so excited to go on a “trip” with her to pick out my buttons, ruffles and ribbon. Yes, I’ve always had an eye for the details. None of this all connected until I had my own little divas. Jada, 10 and Gianna, 2 are true divas. My girls are very sweet, sassy and LOVE to dress up.

Fashion is everywhere-in your house, in your closet and everywhere around you. The two questions I am often asked are these: 1) How did it all start and 2) What inspires you? After I had Gigi, I was a stay-at-home mom for awhile. What frustrated me the most were availability of boutique items and the affordability of girls’ fashion. To solve my issue with this, Dazzling Diva Boutique was born. I began making their outfits for pictures, church and dress up. Women stopped me frequently and asked where I got the outfits and where they could purchase them. The rest is history.

Unlike many designers, many things inspire me. First, my girls inspire me. As they perform in front of me often, various ideas come to mind. As we watch Disney movies and they play with their Barbies and other princesses, more ideas race through my busy mind. Second, seasonal colors inspire me to create over-the-top, unique designs. I love pairing unusual colors together. Third, of course….the runway! Not many people know that I studied marketing and business in college. By my junior year, I won an internship with JC Penney. My retail merchandising background does play a huge role in the way I market my online store. I constantly research and study famous designers all over the world.

Who are my favorite designers? I have so many! My top two are Coco Chanel and Vera Wang. Both women are so strong, creative and their designs are both distinct and serve a clear purpose. Coco’s birth of the “little black dress” is brilliant. There are so many things you can do with a little black dress. What made her dress so popular was Audrey Hepburn’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie in 1961. Vera Wang’s designs are to die for. I love her bridal gowns. She really sets the standard for fashionable weddings. Some of my other fav designers are: Betsy Johnson (how could you go wrong with some animal print and bright colors), Ralph Lauren for his clean and classy looks and Versace (need I say more) just to name a few.

People also ask me how I go from an idea to actually interpreting the design into clothes. I am not formally trained in fashion design; however, I do sketch and color my designs on a special drawing pad. I often jot down the description of the design whenever the idea pops in my head and then when my girls are asleep, I draw and design!

I am truly thankful for every opportunity that has come my way, the great Divas and little divas I’ve met from this business and look forward to the many more opportunities ahead. This road hasn’t been an easy road. No matter what you get into, there will always be those who try to discourage you and try and rob you of your dream. From my experience, as you pursue your dreams, many will not walk down the challenging road with you. In some cases, you will be the only one. What’s great about a dream is it starts within you. Follow your dreams and always stick to what you are passionate about. I’m not only following my dream and executing my passion, but I am also leaving a legacy. What is your legacy?

Stay Dazzling, Michele